How to get

$25M, $50M, or $100M

GROW your Business with your Vision

This may get you to a $250M, $500M, or $1 Billion Evaluation!

Take your Business to a NEW Level…


How to get

25M, 50M, or 100M

To grow your business with your vision


Every business person dreams of the big" financial exit "that will cement his or her legacy for generations.

But each will soon find, dreaming of becoming an icon of industry, controlling millions of dollars, is all too easy.

Truth is, the all-consuming drive to build a company and a personal legacy almost always destroys everything around them. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Sergi Brin … icons of industry but all succumbed to divorce, deception, personal disgrace.

In this gordian knot, the “dream” can also be called a nightmare. First, the business person's health is sacrificed. Next, the relationship with their spouse, once treasured, falls apart. Finally, the children and close family are marginalized and fall victim to greed, empire-building, and total immersion in the “business.” These people are consumed by the need to win “at all costs.”

Each episode of THE DECISION introduces a headstrong businessperson and aspiring mogul who, for years, has been hard-charging down the path to having a $100 million dollar empire. Today, this person is being forced to confront a harsh reality. IT ISN'T WORKING.

His business, his marriage, and the relationships with his children are being destroyed by greed, chasing an empty dream, blinded by desire where lies are being told on top of lies to your spouse, children, family, partners, investors, God, and even, worse than that … the IRS.

Sam and Oren confront the aspiring mogul with THE DECISION: Immediately Change who you are to Save the Business, Save the Marriage, Save the Family.

Some will ignore this one chance to turn it all around and continue on the road of greed being consumed with deception, betrayal, and lies.

A few will rise to the occasion and agree to follow Sam and Oren’s instructions, willing to admit they cannot do it alone.

With Sam and Oren writing the new Script, they have a chance to achieve what felt previously impossible: a clear path to $100 million, a wonderful growing relationship with their spouse, and the ability to invest time and energy into their children.

Where Bill Gates failed, these businesspeople aim to win: family, relationship, AND business.

This is THE DECISION: Change NOW ... or lose everything that matters.

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